Free Hugs Campaign

Inspired by seeing students giving out Free Hugs while in Seoul South Korea, students at ECU campus decided to bring it to them. The Free Hugs Campaign was started by a man called “Juan Mann” in Australia to give random acts of kindness. In order to make the campus feel welcomed and brighten their day after the student death, Free Hugs were given at two events before the Christmas break. School organizations such as T.E.A.M., a male empowerment group, and Lambda (latin fraternity) came out for support as well as individuals on campus. The feedback was mostly positive, with individuals stating how it really brightened their day. The Free Hugs gave that reminder of existence of the importance of every individual and how we should acknowledge and embrace each other as a unity no matter the differences.


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The Beginning

The beginning started after the announcement of a student death on East Carolina University campus in NC, USA…after students were in grief, one student decided that it was enough. That it was not fair that so many people in society were willing to end their own lives due to their misery.

That very evening, the idea of “I Exist” appeared. That as human beings, there is so much pressure to conform. That there is still oppression, racism, prejudice, sexism and many more discriminations that affect mental health.

The next morning at 7:45am, the student stood at the middle of campus in the rain for 7 hours and receiving loyal followers along the way that protested beside her in honor of their friend and to make a statement that everyone on campus should acknowledge every person’s existence.

After the protest, many people were inspired by the action which then created the movement “I Exist” which continues to commit to its mission to uplift, empower and bring awareness to individuals well-being no matter the differences.

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