PSA: Black Lesbians Are Being Murdered Across the Country and Nobody Is Saying Anything

Shanta Myers. Brandi Mells. Kerrice Lewis. Kaladaa Crowell.

Ask yourselves, do those names sound familiar to you? It is unlikely they do.

They are names of Black Women who were murdered over the course of a week. One other thing they had in common: They are all lesbians.

Shanta Myers, her two children, and her girlfriend, Brandi Mells were murdered in Troy, NY. They were all found, bound and their throats had been slashed, on Dec. 26.

Kerrice Lewis was shot multiple times, shoved in the trunk of a car before her killer set the car on fire.

Kaladraa Crowell and her daughter, Kyra Inglett, were murdered in West Palm Beach, Florida by her girlfriend’s son, Robin Denson, just days after Christmas. She was the fourth black lesbian to be murdered over the course of a week.

These murders of lesbian Black Women are NOT receiving the attention it deserves in the National News. But why would we when the only crimes that are covered are ones that involve a white victim of violent crime.

Nothing is being done to protect LGBTQ people from these gruesome hate crimes. In fact, 2017 was the most dangerous and deadliest year for trans men and women–many of them were Black women.

Our society needs to stop ignoring these innocent lives and law enforcement needs to put more effort in protecting them. No human being deserves to be murdered because of their race and the person they love. Love is Love.

How many more lives will have to be taken before this problem is to be taken seriously?




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